Prevention is better than the cure!!

As a trained health professional that focuses every day for the past 25 years on helping people get out of pain and stay out of pain, I have found good posture underpins almost every spinal condition.And if it is not a big part of the cause of pain, it is likely to be a big part of what aggravates or keeps the pain reoccurring.

What baffles me is the lack of care and willingness to make a difference. I do understand that slouching is much easier. I don’t agree that it is more comfortable, its just that it has become a habit, and the spine has become used to that slouched posture, so when trying to sit up straight, it can be difficult, and tiring. Some say that it is painful, and that’s because the spine needs some help to regain the flexibility to adopt a better posture.

Sadly, if left long enough, the poor posture (and potentially the consequential pain) may be irreversible. So, starting as early as possible to get into good postural habits is necessary to help reduce or hopefully prevent that unwanted pain.It is likely that postural intervention will have to start with a practitioner that focuses on posture, such as a chiropractor. However, you can start helping yourself at home, or in the car, getting into better habits.

The best device to support you in the Posture M8, as its versatility means it can be used to be a lumbar support in the office chair or car seat, a wobble cushion in the classroom, a soft surface when out and about, and a traction device to help reverse those unwanted hunch backs!! Its portability means it can be transported easily and discreetly from office to home and to the car. But if you don’t want to cart it around as it weighs 70grams, then getting multiple devices and its detachable strap is quite affordable compared to most other devices on the market.

Check out the posture M8 to enhance your posture to enhance your health.

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