About the Alive Posture M8

Lumbar Support

Are you feeling a little slouched lately or getting a little stiff or sore in the
spine? A lot of spinal issues or pains largely stem from poor posture. This is
where you are taking your spine out of the most biomechanically efficient
position. When that happens, there is more stress on the spine, and it can
become painful and be more likely to be injured because the muscles that
support the spine become weaker. So, sometimes you need some extra support
to help encourage better posture. Try the Posture M8.

For use at home, work, school, or even travelling. Alive Posture M8 promotes
the neutral alignment of the spine, giving you support and correcting posture. It
can be used across the lower back or turn it lengthways to provide further
support up the spine. It can also be sat on, at the front of the device to tilt the
pelvis forward and encourage spinal neutral. This can also lift a very sore
coccyx (tail bone) up to alleviate pressure and reduce pain.

When sleeping you can place it between the knees in a side position to stabilise
the pelvis, or under the knees to support the lower back.

Rehab and Traction

Alive Posture M8 can be integrated into most rehab programs, whether ankle
exercises, pelvic stability or balance training. (We recommend this under the
supervision of a health professional) OR use it as a Traction Device. This device
can be used as a portable balance ball, where it can be used anywhere anytime.
With some gentle pelvic rocking or ‘hula-hoops’, it can help stimulate muscles
to support the spine and pelvis.

When using it for traction you can place it under the lower back, longways in
between the shoulder blades, or even under the neck to provide a gentle stretch
to the spine.

Sporting an injury that requires you to elevate the foot slightly. Place the posture
M8 fully inflated under the ankle to raise it up as required.

Core Stabiliser

When someone has lower back pain, there will often be given exercise to build
the core. The core is a collection of muscles in the centre of our body, and it
functions to stabilize the trunk while the arms and legs move during functional movements.

These muscles are the lower spine’s deep inner core stability muscles that actively support the body and protect against back pain. Alive Posture M8 is a very portable version of a Bosu Ball or an AbMat. These are devices often used to help build the core muscles. With its compact design, you can do abdominal workouts anywhere, anytime. Travelling away and want to continue your exercise routine, but can’t carry your Ab Mat or Bosu Ball, take the Posture M8 to help maintain that six pack or at the very least support your back.

Pregnancy and beyond 

Alive Posture M8 can also be used during Pregnancy. Use it to support the ever-
growing tummy or if your pelvis is unstable. When lying on your side, it can
neatly slip between your knees to help support your pelvis and minimise back
and sacroiliac pain. It can also fit under the belly when side lying, Early in the
pregnancy, more air will help support a smaller belly, and later on you will only
need a little bit of air to fit under a larger belly.

When breast feeding you can slip the Posture M8 on top of your lap and under
the bub to raise the bub up to make breast feeding easier and less likely to
slouch. Or you can place it behind your back for better support for those long
feeding periods or much needed nap times.

You may already have a number of pillows at home that you use during this
time, but they are taking up so much space that your partner is being pushed out
of bed. Or when you travel, all those pillows don’t fit into the back of the car.
The Posture M8 is perfect to get back some space in the bed or take away with
you to support you and your bub.

Brain Function

A lot of schools have within their classrooms a few support devices to help
certain children learn better. These are often ‘Wobble Chairs’ or ‘Wobble
cushions.’ They are expensive and hence there are only a few to share around,
and often they are fighting over who sits on them. But also, if they move
classes, it would be hard to move them to different locations, or for the little
ones that still sit on the floor at times during the day or have midday naps, they
are stuck with sitting or lying on the hard floor. The Posture M8 is not only
versatile and can be used in so many ways to support the growing spine but also
to stimulate the brain function, it is also portable and very cost effective.

Half inflate to create a ‘wobble’ cushion to sit on to encourage subtle
continuous movement. This helps stimulates the hippocampus (the part of the
brain associated with memory). Both educators and researchers alike
acknowledge movement enhances students’ ability to engage in ‘active
learning’. This is a very light weight, portable version of a ‘Wobble cushion’ or
‘Wobble Chair’ that can be transported from school to home or even from classto class for those older students or chair to floor for those younger students
needing some learning support. Moving around comfortably is important for
developing concentration, especially if the child has learning disabilities like
attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, sensory processing
disorder and so on. This is perfect for those on the move that need it to go with
them, and need to maintain movement to light up their developing brains.

Travel and Comfort Device 

Portable and versatile, you can sit on it to soften surfaces such as theatre chairs,
park benches, sporting arenas or camp sites or use it as a lumbar support
accessory. The Posture M8 can make your next sporting event or concert even
more enjoyable, providing you comfort, support and stimulation to the back
muscles whilst you sit. Posture M8 is perfect for practical picnic seating too.
And why not take it on your next outdoor adventure, to make for a more
comfortable camping experience around the camp site or in your swag as your
travel pillow?

If you don’t like the hotel pillows, then the Posture M8 can give you the added
support and make a flat pillow contoured. Or if you need a pillow on the plane,
those long flights can become instantly more comfortable. Not to mention it can be used as a lumbar support, wobble cushion or even a device to place under
your feet to encourage movement of the lower limbs to prevent DVTs.

Reduce Fatigue

A slouched position stops you from achieving full inhalation, reducing your
oxygen uptake, and contributing to fatigue and drowsiness. Use the Posture M8
in the car when driving long distances or at home, work or school. Not only can
it be used as a back support to encourage better posture, and enhance oxygen
uptake into your lungs, but you can also sit on it, so that you can easily move
your spine to encourage blood and nerve control, which stimulates the body and
awakens the brain.

But of course, what better way to reduce fatigue, but sleep. The posture M8 can
be used as a pillow anywhere anytime. So, if you are feeling fatigued on those
long car trips, don’t push though, pull over into a safe area, pull out the Posture
M8 and have a rest, so that you are revitalised and ready for the next leg of the
trip, without putting you, your family or others at risk.

Portable and Lightweight

Have you looked at the range of back supports available and thought to
yourself, how bulky? How ugly? How do I carry that without everyone
wondering what issue do I have, or how broken am I? Or how does my child
carry this from class to class and not be picked on? Well, this is the product for
you or someone you love. So compact and lightweight, the Posture M8 is your
best travel companion – use it on planes, trains, buses or automobiles or even in
the classroom.

Posture M8 folds into its own small carry pouch. Put it in your handbag,
backpack, back pocket or carry it. It is so lightweight. Perfect for the office,
school, travel, and exercise space. Approximately 70 grams (0.15 Pounds) and
10 x 8cm rolled up. When unfolded it is approximately 40 x 25cm and flat.
When inflated it is 40 x 25 x 10cm. The strap is a very small addition and
secures the Posture M8 to most chairs and car seats.