There is nothing sexy about poor posture!

Can the Posture M8 make you more sexy?

When I start talking about poor posture, most of my patients’ eyes gloss over. It is not an exciting
or even sexy topic!! But do you know what is not sexy… Poor Posture!

The consequences of poor posture can be quite painful, and can be disfiguring to the body,
whether it be short term or permanent. And that is just what you feel and what you see. There can
be other effects happening on the inside to your organs and nervous system that can be damaging
or uncomfortable!

Have you ever sat for a long period of time (and I am going to hazard a guess with not the best
posture) and you felt a bit bloated or achy in the stomach. Have you felt breathless, like you cant
take a deep breath, or even tired or headachy. These could be a consequence of poor posture.

As a chiropractor, I hear these symptoms and I see the the postures day in and day out. An after
20 years of clinical practice, and encouraging people to improve their posture, and even
suggesting devices to support them, I decided to step it up a notch. 3 years later, with prototypes,
testing, designing, manufacturing and patents in place, the Posture M8 was born. And finally, 2
years on, the Posture M8 has been sold in about 8 different outlets or clinics and used by many
hundreds of people. It’s time to expand.

Now back to the sexy stuff!!

When you have good posture, it has been shown that your confidence increases, and what is
sexier than a confident person. Also, by standing tall, you are able to distribute your body’s built
long ways. This could make you look leaner.

Now how does this relate back to the Posture M8, I hear you say?

Most people require some extra support in improving their posture. And sadly, most of the chairs or
car seats we sit on are not designed to what is neutral spine and provide little support. So, back
support is required. What was out there on the market thought was mostly bulky, only used for one
thing and quite costly.

My mission was to produce the most versatile, portable and cost-effective support device around
the world. I have designed, manufactured and patented a support device that can be used in about
15 different ways, and in about 13 different environments. It weighs about 70g and can roll up to a
ball about the size of a fist, and costs less than $50. There is also a detachable strap to help
secure the Posture M8 to a chair or car seat to help keep it in place.

Over time I will show you the different uses and environments that you can use this amazing
device. In the meantime, check out the deals I have on the website, to start your
journey into better posture.

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